Terms and conditions of Cancellation of order and return of money

You have a maximum of five (3) office days to cancel your purchase, after that time we do not accept cancellations or refunds for purchases of prints or prints, the works are printed one day after confirming your payment.

For the return of the money you have to wait 5 days for your reverse.

We only accept returns when the work is badly printed, human errors that are attributable to our quality control.

Because the original works are products of great value in money, we recommend to our buyers “to secure their shipments”, damages during the shipment are only the responsibility of the transport company and towards them you must direct claims.

Galeria Adelmo is committed to packaging your order in the best way for your safety.

The tastes are something very particular when choosing a work of art, its colors on your monitor or may be different from the original, this is due to adjustments in your computer that are not our responsibility.

In case you are not satisfied with the work of art once it is received by you, please contact us.

In case of return, the shipping costs must be canceled by you, we will proceed to the return of your money after Adelmo Galeria receives the product and check its good condition.

You can deduct a portion of the money returned for administrative expenses.

You understand that at the time of making your purchase you accept our terms and conditions of sales for this web site